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Finally Fulfilling my Dream as a Travel Photographer - Diane Prow Photography goes live!

Well, it's only taken me about 35 years to do this, but I got there in the end...

Since a very early age I've always loved my camera and have always loved taking photos of everything and anything. The best bit nowadays though is that you don't have to wait a week to see if the pictures came out ok, although there was always some excitement and trepidation in opening the envelope up to see what had come out, a bit like opening the envelope when you know inside are your exam results.

Down and Dirty

So over the years I've squatted in bushes to take night shots of car headlights driving into the distance, frozen fingers waiting to get that perfect shot of the Milky Way and sat in hoar frost to watch the sunrise.

I've dived in tropical (and not so tropical) seas to glimpse marine iguana, manatee and coral reefs, climbed mountains for ancient ruins, kayaked rivers for stunning gorges and waterfalls, and driven miles just to experience that one thing.

Supportive Family

I am lucky to have a patient husband who is always there by my side and loving adult kids who know their mother has always been slightly crazy, so don't bat an eyelid when she lays down in the middle of a muddy pathway to take a shot but instead offer to hold a lens or bag to help.

4 Weddings and an Expedition.

For years I have done small projects for people I know. I've photographed displays for a large #UKDepartmentstore, done a good few #weddings, taken the Cub Scout's annual photos, been the group #photographer on an #expedition, produced large #wallpictures, made #photobooks, #calendars and #coasters for numerous friends and companies including our own.

Stepping Out

But now after 21 years of being in the IT cyber-security world with my husband and our companies I am stepping out to follow my real #passion with the dream that one day I will hold my very own exhibition! So I hope you will check out my #website in search of #gifts and idea's for the empty wall at home or in the office that needs a big picture on it.

Follow My Travels

Then be #inspired on places to stay, eat and visit around the globe by following my travel photo blog, facebook page, LinkedIn or my new website as I intend to use them to promote not only my own work but also some of the wonderful places I visit or have visited on the way, and maybe I'll see you at my day!

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Andy P
Andy P
Nov 04, 2021

I’ll be following your blog, and carrying all that heavy camera gear ;)

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